Handpro Machine
  • Lightweight (8 lbs w/tools)
  • Heavy duty casted machine
  • Attaches variety of nailheads: sizes 20-30-40 & 60- right side up.
  • Works on rimsets size 5mm/20, 8mm/40 and 11mm/48 with stones upside down.
  • Changes dies very quickly by hand!
Directions for nailheads:
  • Insert top die
  • insert bottom die
  • using metal tool place prongs of nailheads on pad and insert in top die.
  • Adjust screw if necessary not to crush nailhead.
Also works on squares and pyramids!
  • 20 die: 20 flat square and 703 pyramid
  • 30 die: 30 flat square and 702 pyramid
  • 40 die: 700 pyramid

n.b. All dies-can work on regular, longleg and extra longleg nailheads+rimsets.

Additional Machine
Heavy duty foot operated

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