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Please take a moment to fill out this request form. Being the manufacturer of these products we have traditionally sold only through distributors.

If you are not a wholesale distributor or large manufacturer, but can still meet our minimums (typically $50.00 per item and $100.00 per order) we will still be glad to quote you prices and minimums if you select a few items of interest, or direct you to an appropriate distributor.

A nailhead or buckle catalog is available with a full set of samples for $25.00 to cover handling and shipping in the U.S. ($50 for export shipments)

If you'd like a catalog, we will need a fax number in order to send you a credit card authorization form for you to sign.

If you have no fax machine, you must call our order department at 718-388-6000.

For information, catalog, samples, prices, and more... CALL 718-388-6000.

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Please tell as much about the nature of your business so we can serve you better, and if you want a catalog, to custom tailor it and samples to your specific areas of interest.