Nailhead & Pronged Ornaments

Nailheads, also known as studs or pronged ornaments, have traditionally been used for decorative purposes. They can range in size from as small as a pencil point, to as large as a silver dollar. Most everyone has seen a few of the basic styles like pearls, flats , 5-pointed stars, triangles and other common shapes. Over the years, thousands of nailhead designs have been created, from the simple, to the intricate, in almost every theme under the sun. Varieties of use range from dog collar decoration to ornamentation for the most fashionable eveningwear. Unlike castings, nailheads are lightweight, affordable and will not make your designs sag or droop.

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We have hundreds of nailhead styles in all shapes and sizes. Below you will find a small sampling of our vast product line.
Nailheads and Pronged Ornaments